Expamet Rolls of Pre-galv Steel 20M


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Crack Control Expanded Mesh Reinforcement 76320
Material: Galvanized Mild Steel DX51D+Z275 to EN10346:2015
Coating/Finish/Colour: 275g/m² Zinc Coating
Length 1/Projection: 20m
Width/Wing Length: 65mm
Plaster/Render/Joist depth: 10mm Min Bed Joint/Plaster thickness
Material Gauge: 0.4mm
Individual Weight (kg): 1.05
Fire Rating: Euroclass A1
Installation requirement 1: Fix in a staggered pattern across chases, with fixings at 300mm centres
Installation requirement 2: Space off the substrate by 5-6mm to allow the plaster to envelop the strands
Installation requirement 3: When using over dissimilar materials, isolate plaster from background using building paper
Installation requirement 4: Do not use over movement joints
Features/Benefits 1: Used to reinforce and protect plaster over chases and dissimilar backgrounds
Features/Benefits 2: No joints, interweaving or welds to fail under stress
Features/Benefits 3: Can easily be cut to size using tin-snips or aviation cutters

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