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Galvanized Nails

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30mm x 1KG GALV. Square Twisted Nails


€4.16 Including VAT

Galvanised Square Twist Nails are ideal for fixing Joist Hangers. The twisted shank gives greater pull out values than a standard round wire nail. Nail directly into timber...

Trufix 3.5 x 75mm Masonry Nails (MN3-Heavy gauge)


€3.01 Including VAT

Hand Driven Masonry Nails Application: Fixing timber to masonry and concrete blocks. DESCRIPTION: Extra strong – virtually shatter proof– for fixing timber to masonry and concrete blocks. Our stringent quality control combine..

RBS 100mm Round Wire Nails 20KG


€25.37 Including VAT

It is a general purpose nail and is suitable for a variety of applications. It is most commonly used to secure roof and floor joists, partitions and heavy duty fencing...

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