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5 Minute Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Liquid 750ML


€14.86 Including VAT

Lumberjack 5 Minute Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Liquid is red in colour and is ideal for larger applications, or in the workshop where greater economy is required. Sets hard in 5 minutes...

Mitre Fast Bonding Kit


€10.29 Including VAT

Mitre Fast Bonding Kit is a two part instant adhesive system comprising a cyanoacrylate adhesive and aerosol activator. Mitre Fast is mainly used in the furniture, timber, kitchen and plastics industries where its instant bonding ..

Pink Grip Adhesive 350ML


€3.03 Including VAT

Pinkgrip will stick just about anything on a building site that needs sticking. Its amazing grabbing strength not only removes the need to pin under the workpiece to prevent slumping, but its revolutionary initial ‘Direct Bond’ el..

Everbuild Pink Dryfix 750ML


€12.10 Including VAT

Pinkgrip Dryfix FR is a revolutionary type of fast curing, adhesive foam that has been specially developed for the rapid installation of Plasterboard, Insulation Boards and other sheet materials such as Roof Decking and Floorboard..

Sikadur 33 250ML


€18.76 Including VAT

Sikadur 33 is a two component, solvent free, cold cure, thixotropic epoxy resin structural adhesive and repair mortar. It is supplied in a cartridge with an in-line mixer tip and is designed for application using a geared sealant ..

Chemfix Polyster 300ml Styrene Free Resin (BIT-PESF)


€10.89 Including VAT

BIT Polyester Styrene Free Low Odour Resin is a high performance, rapid curing two part chemical anchoring system based on polyester. Applied in one single action this resin will produce a cost effective, strong, chemical resistan..

Everbuild 502 All purpose Weatherproof Wood Glue 5LT


€27.70 Including VAT

All Purpose Weatherproof Wood Adhesive is a high quality, resin based wood adhesive for all wood bonding. It can be used internally and externally and provides a high strength, impact resistant bond that is usually stronger than t..

Contact Spray Adhesive 500ML


€5.45 Including VAT

Stick 2 Spray Contact Adhesive is a sprayable glue which bonds to most common materials including wood, concrete, stone, tiles, rubber, foam, metals, rigid plastics, canvas fabrics, cardboard, paper and cork. Ideal for securing mo..

Everbuild Gun a Nail Extra Beige 300ML


€3.63 Including VAT

Everbuild Gun A Nail Extra is a high strength, gap filling adhesive providing extra bond strength and a quick cure in external applications. Gun A Nail Extra is also ideal for bonding two non-porous materials together. ..

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