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Rawplug Foam Gun for Drywall Single Unit 750ML


€17.51 Including VAT

• Reliable tool for professionals enabling multiple applications of polyurethane foam. • Solid construction • Easy application • Adjusting the flow out of the foam • Simple maintenance • Durability ..

Professional Sealant Gun C4


€7.26 Including VAT

Sturdy skeleton gun with hexagonal rod, re-enforced ring and hook end. ..

Jumbo Sealant Gun


€17.55 Including VAT

With swivel action and extra heavy duty push rod mechanism to cope with stiff acoustic sealants. For all 900ml cartridges. ..

Everbuild P45 Medium Duty Metal Gun


€20.45 Including VAT

P45 Foam Gun gives the user more control to apply the foam precisely in hard to reach places, saving unnecessary wastage. For both professional and DIY use. ..

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