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5LT Bleach


€2.84 Including VAT

Multi-use solution recommended for deodorizing & sterilizing work surfaces, sinks, floors, toilets, drains, etc. Can also be used for removal of stains from crockery or white clothing. Not suitable for use on metals, painted or va..

5LTR Moss Clear


€10.69 Including VAT

A strong bactericide & fungicide for the removal of bacterial spores, moss, algae spores, fungi spores, lichen & other organic growths from tarmacadam, paths, stonework, slates, etc...

Bobby Patio Blaster 5LT


€17.99 Including VAT

5LT Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner. Masonry biocide for the effective & complete removal of algae. mould, mildew, scum & clean concrete, brickwork, walls, cobble lock, paving stone etc. ..

5LT Pine Desinfectant


€3.85 Including VAT

Eco Pine disinfectant is specially formulated for use as general-purpose disinfectant for drains, refuse bins, sinks, lavatories etc...

5LT Multi Purpose Weed Killer


€35.36 Including VAT

A foliar applied translocated herbicide for the control of annual and perennial grass and broad-leaved weeds before sowing or planting of all crops. For use pre-harvest in cereals, oil seed rape, mustard, combining peas, field b..

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