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225 x 92mm SINGLE JOIST HANGER JHI-92-225

€2.80 Including VAT

Traditional timber - masonry hanger range designed for use with I-joists, open web and solid timber joists / trusses. ADVANTAGES • Increased top flange spreads the loading over a greater surface area. • Back plate sits flush ..

500 x 100 x 2.5mm WALL PLATE STRAP BEND(600MM INC 100MM BEND)

€0.86 Including VAT

Heavy duty restraint straps are suitable for horizontal restraint applications such as tying timber roofs and floors into masonry walls. CE Marked and tested to BS EN 845-1:2008 Designed in accordance with The Building Regulation..

10KG Rags Coloured Wipes

€15.38 Including VAT

Ideal for wiping oil, grease, water, paint & general purpose cleaning ..

10KG White Cotton Wipe Rags

€24.60 Including VAT

"Top quality T-shirt rags, great for cleaning! Comes in a 10 Kg Bag, handy size, handy weight, easy to use, easy to store. These rags are all purpose, high absorbency wiper. 100% white means very good when using solvents. " ..

1100 x 100 x 2.5mm WALL PLATE STRAP (1200MM INC 100MM BEND)

€1.97 Including VAT

Heavy duty restraint straps are suitable for horizontal restraint applications such as tying timber roofs and floors into masonry walls. CE Marked and tested to BS EN 845-1:2008 Designed in accordance with The Building Regulation..

400X250X17 Palletwrap

€3.69 Including VAT

Strong plastic film to wrap around pallets or goods as protection against dirt and weather conditions, it keep them thigh and stable. ..

5 Minute Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Liquid 750ML

€12.03 Including VAT

Lumberjack 5 Minute Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Liquid is red in colour and is ideal for larger applications, or in the workshop where greater economy is required. Sets hard in 5 minutes...

50M X 100MM Duct Tape

€13.07 Including VAT

This popular duct tape is based on hot melt/synthetic rubber technology therefore ensuring the duct tape is extra sticky even on surfaces that other tapes may find it a struggle to stick too. The 100mm (4 Inch) X 50m Duct Tape has..

5LT Bleach

€2.84 Including VAT

Multi-use solution recommended for deodorizing & sterilizing work surfaces, sinks, floors, toilets, drains, etc. Can also be used for removal of stains from crockery or white clothing. Not suitable for use on metals, painted or va..

5LT Multi Purpose Weed Killer

€35.36 Including VAT

A foliar applied translocated herbicide for the control of annual and perennial grass and broad-leaved weeds before sowing or planting of all crops. For use pre-harvest in cereals, oil seed rape, mustard, combining peas, field b..

5LT Pine Desinfectant

€3.85 Including VAT

Eco Pine disinfectant is specially formulated for use as general-purpose disinfectant for drains, refuse bins, sinks, lavatories etc...


€9.50 Including VAT


5LTR Moss Clear

€10.69 Including VAT

A strong bactericide & fungicide for the removal of bacterial spores, moss, algae spores, fungi spores, lichen & other organic growths from tarmacadam, paths, stonework, slates, etc...

6 X 45MM Stainless Steel Hammer-in Anchor

€0.43 Including VAT

Nylon hammer-in fixings suitable for all solid masonry. Quick and simple installation. Integral setting lock prevents pre-expansion. Rigid reinforced collar. Saw-tooth threaded screw. Easy tap-in, easy screw-out...

6MM Hex Nuts

€0.74 Including VAT

High tensile rust resistant bright zinc plated hexagon head nuts. For use with threaded rods and bolts in the electrical, heating, engineering, and other industries...

75MMX90 Metres Self Adhesive Fibre Scrim

€4.07 Including VAT

"SCRIM – MADE IN EUROPE TO PERFORM! EuroScrim is a premium quality, quick and easy to apply, self-adhesive scrim tape that is made in Europe to perform! EuroScrim has a quality high tack adhesive and an open mesh that will not bl..


€13.22 Including VAT

Light Load Metal Insulation Fixings Application: Fixing light thermal insulation materials & insulation boards – to concrete, stone, brickwork and masonry. Zinc plated steel 8mm pre-drill diameters and various fixture lengths CE ..

92MM Speedy Hanger KH-92 (Timber to timber)

€0.62 Including VAT

Galvanised timber to timber joist hanger suitable. Leg can be adjusted by wrapping over to suit joist height. Also suitable for face fixing...

9MM Window Trimming Reveal Bead 6440000006 30PK

€45.67 Including VAT

Application: for making expansion joints between the window frame and structural plaster Functional properties: – No cracks at the interface between the window frame and plaster – No water ingress into thermal cladding on the s..

Airtight Thermofoam Flexi Gun Foam 750ML

€9.91 Including VAT

Thermofoam is a specially fomulated, highly flexible PU, gun applied foam that absorbs component movement thereby giving an air tight seal to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency in buildings. Thermofoam has been tested ..


€51.51 Including VAT

Designed for use in a fully supported or unsupported tiled, slated or metal roof system. Equally suitable whether draped unsupported over rafters or laid directly over insulation. Cold & warm roof application. Features 3 layer spu..

American Duct Tape 25MTS

€6.31 Including VAT

American Duct Tape is the new name for Jaffa! It is a remarkable new tape which is not only thick, strong and 100% waterproof; it also has the most amazing adhesive quality. American Duct Tape has a multitude of uses including wat..

Benamn PZ2 Power Grip Torsion Bit (20PCS)

€5.42 Including VAT

POWER GRIP TIP Bites in to resist “cam out” and slipping 50% longer life than the common bits Made by S2 Steel..

Benchmark Waterproof Gloves Fully Coated Blue Waterproof

€2.40 Including VAT

"The Cargo Foam Flex Nitrile Dipped glove has a seamless nylon liner with a knitted elasticated cuff for comfort and secure fit. The palm is coated with a nitrile coating to give additional grip in wet and dry conditions. The foam..


€6.10 Including VAT

Nylon Powder coated blade for 2 times more durability Auto Lock system for easy use..

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