FAKRO DXG P2 60x60 TYPE "G" (Fixed Pane Flat Roof Window)

FAKRO DXG P2 60x60 TYPE "G" (Fixed Pane Flat Roof Window)


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A new line of D_G windows combines illumination of rooms under the flat roof and innovative look at design. These products put together innovative appearance of type F windows which were given Red Dot Design Award 2016 and design of type C windows. D_G flat roof windows are technically advanced and therefore feature the best thermal insulation performance on the market.

Windows are offered with P2 glazing unit which comes with a Class P2A inner laminated pane to secure safety of use and protect against shards of glass in case of damage. Optionally, there is available laminated P4 anti-burglary glazing unit featuring P4A class.


The window structure enables installation of internal accessories.


With patent-pending rainwater drainage system from the window surface, its installation is possible even in the roof pitch of 2°.


Windows come in sizes from 60x60cm to 120x120cm and also in unusual sizes in this range. This enables existing skylights which do meet current thermal insulation requirements to be replaced with ease.

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